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Dom Bird

Assistant Head

King Edwards Handsworth Grammar School

The wellbeing crew have been fantasic... proving crucial support for our students... I can't recommend them enough

We had a wonderful session with the ladies from the Wellbeing Crew. They were very accommodating and friendly and the children loved them. The children really enjoyed the opportunity to relax and treat their friends to a massage.

St Martins De Porres School

We have been working with the Wellbeing Crew for a while now and they provide a high quality counselling service two days a week to the pupils here at Holte School. The pupils have come to know the service and completely trust the staff involved to the extent that they now often self-refer for an appointment. Charlotte and her team have been professional throughout and always alert us to any safeguarding issues that come out of their discussions with pupils. I have always found them approachable, friendly, open and keen to provide a high quality service. The Wellbeing Crew have also provided longer advice sessions for whole classes on our drop down Citizenship/PSHE days. I would wholeheartedly recommend their service - we would find it difficult to cope without it now!


Nicola Stanfield


Haybridge High School and Sixth Form

Feedback from our students is always positive... the impact once they have worked with students is palpable around school

We would just like to say thank you for visiting our school and helping our year 6 children to understand how important it is to relax and spend time looking after their own well being. Most of the children thoroughly enjoyed the session and learnt key skills of relaxation and mindfulness.

Boldmere Junior School

The Wellbeing Crew work with many our students through both one-to-one sessions and group workshops (including parent workshops). They have had such a positive impact on our students; helping us to meet their needs by enabling them to deal effectively with stress and anxiety and promoting positive mental health and wellbeing. The feedback from both students and parents is always extremely positive and I cannot recommend them more highly.

Haybridge High School and Sixth Form

Joanne Killarney

Assistant Head

Yardleys School

The really recommend wellbeing crew they're fabulous, and really helpful

I've felt so much better since last week. I've tried the meditation techniques which were shown to me. Practicing mindfulness and then applying it to my daily life has been helpful.

A student at Small Heath School

The Wellbeing Crew have just completed a 4-week CPD session with us at our nursery, working with the 2-year olds on the 'Little Stars' programme and the 3-4-year olds on Peer Massage. They formed excellent relationships with staff and children who thoroughly enjoyed their sessions; they remember the story from week to week and have learnt the massage movements, which we are told, they have used with family members at home. We aim to continue to use the massage strategies in the future to develop stories and enhance the well-being of the children.

West Heath Nursery.

Lyndsey Maginnis

Deputy Headteacher

King Edward VI Camp Hill Girls

The response has been overwhelmingly positive and we continue to see the impact that they've had on both mental health and wellbeing

The pupils that have accessed you regularly for the past 2 years speak about the kind nature you have and the caring environment you place around them when they are in your presence. The pupils feel like you are a safe place for them to be open and to gain a higher level of support that the pastoral team can’t provide by ourselves. I feel that you act in a highly professional manner, I trust you and the service you provide wholeheartedly, I am certain that the advice you give to pupils is having an impact on their wellbeing. I feel that you are approachable and flexible in your delivery. I think that the pupils would be at a great disadvantage if you were not supporting the school and the pupils.

Waverley Studio College

The Wellbeing Crew delivered a six week workshop around exam stress. Before the workshop began the students' self belief was low. They did not believe in their own ability and would often crumble with the slightest pressure. The workshops were based around what the young people wanted. All the sessions were tailored to the school's needs - but more importantly the students' needs... it gave the students the belief they needed to achieve their full potential. The Welllebing Crew has my highest recommendation and I cannot wait to do more partnership work in the future.

Greenwood Academy

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