Easter Update: Let’s Hop into Spring with The Wellbeing Crew

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In this Easter edition of our newsletter, prepare for egg-citing updates, embrace the refreshing spring vibes, and discover the latest happenings with The Wellbeing Crew.

Our trainers have been instrumental in our success this quarter, with their dedication and expertise shining through in every project. Our projects have flourished like spring flowers, achieving remarkable milestones and exceeding expectations. Let’s take a look at some of our highlights!

Reflection & Mentoring at Nansen Primary School

This quarter, The Wellbeing Crew successfully delivered Reflection and Mentoring programs at Nansen Primary School for Key Stage 2, and the feedback is nothing short of inspiring.

‘The Wellbeing Crew were amazing working with our children across key stage 2. The staff working with the children were always very informative and would share the progress of the children. We had parents come in and tell us how the reflections workshops have helped their child at home and were using calming strategies at home to help them.’ – Nansen Primary School.

Reflection & Mentoring at Parkfield Primary School

We also brought our programs to Parkfield Primary School, where the pupils gave us fantastic feedback. Through creative outlets like drawing, we empowered the children to express themselves freely, making communication more comfortable for them.

Children at the HEART Early Years Spring Conference

We were delighted to take part in the Children at the HEART Early Years Spring Conference, where we had the chance to present our aromatherapy and mindfulness workshops for staff wellbeing. It was a fantastic event, offering us the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and communicate, all aimed at enhancing educational outcomes for young children in Birmingham.

Spring symbolizes growth, renewal, and transformation, much like the work we do at The Wellbeing Crew. Just as nature awakens from its winter slumber, we too are invigorated to continue our mission of nurturing the mental and emotional well-being of children and educators alike.

Finally, we would like to say, thank you for your continued support; it means the world to us. As we eagerly anticipate Easter’s new beginnings, we wish you a fantastic break during the school holidays. May it be filled with joy, relaxation, and memorable moments. See you on the other side of the break!

The Wellbeing Crew