• Empowering the lives

    of everyone we work with

    Without a sense of wellbeing in ourselves,

    it is impossible to nurture wellbeing in others.


  • If every eight year old in the

    world is taught meditation,

    we will eliminate violence from the world

    within one generation.

    "Dalai Lama"

  • It's important from time

    to time to slow down,

    to go away by yourself and simply be.

    " Elieen Caddy "

  • Coming together

    is the beginning,

    keeping together is progress, working together is success.

    " Henry Ford "

  • Educating the mind

    without educating

    the heart is no education at all.

    " Aristotle "

The Wellbeing Crew

The Wellbeing Crew is an inspiring and innovative company offering bespoke wellbeing workshops and events, onsite therapy, life skills and Relax Kids programs within the education and corporate sector. With over 30 years combined experience our passion is to improve the health and wellbeing and to enrich the lives of those that we work with.

"Empowering the lives of everyone we work with"

Our objective is to offer interactive, fun and relaxing ways, to empower and improve people's work, life, balance, whilst educating and informing. With our positive, productive approach we will provide a bespoke and engaging program for a whole team or an individual with a tailored goal and assessment.

What we do...

Working within the education sector our programs are designed for the individual needs of our clients to create a happier and healthy school environment.

Our corporate clients have described our programs as life changing and have given them proven strategies to enhance their work, life, balance.

"Without a sense of wellbeing in ourselves, it is impossible to nurture wellbeing in others"

Our professional, passionate and supportive team will strive to ensure that you get best results from everything we provide. Each program is provided by highly trained specialists.

We hope you are enjoying reading our website, if you would like further information and the services we offer then please do contact us. We look forward to hearing from you